Yankee Base
the first martian coin

It comes from Mars for all citizens of Earth.
The digital age and the expansion
of multidimensional worlds
has arrived.

$Yankee is the first Martian Coin.
Comes from the planet Mars
for all the people on Earth.
Provides prosperity
to martians and humans.
Welcome to our base.

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Mobirise Website Builder

is available on Base Chain, on SushiSwap

Only 1,000,000 tokens
No mintable
No taxes
No presales

Contract: 0xF2eBdEAF4aAb4160E812C0282F13c6D023467d80
Ticker: $YANKEE
Supply: 1,000,000
Tax: None

Yankee Base FAQs

$Yankee comes from a Martian base, Yankee Base
It is the first Martian meme coin to reach Earth
Seeks to distribute peace and prosperity
It is connected to the multidimensionality of the universe
Your multidimensional memes are welcome on our X

You can get $Yankee on SushiSwap

$Yankee is no mintable and tax-free

There are only 1 million $Yankee forever

Yes. You can add liquidity to the Usdc/Yankee LP pool on SushiSwap to earn commissions and rewards

Yankee Base / $Yankee is deployed at 0xF2eBdEAF4aAb4160E812C0282F13c6D023467d80
on the Base Chain

Mobirise Website Builder

Initial Martian Airdrop has ended.

Thanks to the more
than 1000 participants!!!


Telegram: @yankeebaseadmin
X: @yankee_base
Mirrors: /

$YANKEE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. 

There is no formal team or roadmap. 
The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

Yankee, the First Martian Coin
© Copyright 2024

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